Crawley’s Former Olympian Takes British Veteran Title

Two-time Olympian Nick Buckfield swapped his poles for the grind Full Contact Kyokushinkai Karate and managed to take the Veterans British Middleweight Championships title at K2, Crawley.

The club walked away with another 6 silver and 2 bronze medals. Congratulations to all who took part.

Olaf Dabek U12 2nd

Ellliott Fortnam U14 HW 2nd

Alfie Finch U14 2nd

Isaac Warnfeldt Rush U14 LW 2nd

Elvin Vaskys U18 MW 3rd

Cody Chapman U18 MW 3rd

Nikolay Kosherov Mens Novice HW 2nd

Dave Martin Veterans LW 2nd

Finch Wins British Kata Title

Alfie Finch became the British Low Grade Junior Champion as the club picked up several prizes. The adult low grade team took 2nd place and the adult high grade team came 3rd.

In the individuals the club also had Sensei Steve took 2nd in the Veterans category for the second year in a row and Robert Large took 3rd in the Green and Yellow belt category.

Three New Sensei for the CKK at the BKK Summer Camp

Crawley Black Belts Steven Papworth, Blake Collins and Gabriel Barbu passed their 3rd dan tests and now take the rank of Sensei.

After a five hour technical and stamina test they had to complete 30 fights against different opponents on the final day for the summer camp.

The club had a large group of students take part in the annual three day seminar and James Clark passed his 1st Kyu Brown Belt

Fun Day at the CKK Interclub

The 2022 interclub was a tremendous success with children from BKK Dunmow, BKK Folkstone, BKK Loughborough, BKK Saffron Walden, BKK Westcroft, BKK Wimbledon and BKK Crawley taking part.

Thanks to all the dojo supporters that worked tirelessly to make it a great days fighting and to all the people who donated cakes. Special thanks to BBQ-Man Paul Beach and his wife for providing all the food on such a sunny day.

Results below

Crawley Take Top Spot Again At The English Open

The club once again had amazing results at the English Open Full Contact Championships on 10th April. Forty five teams from eighteen organisations took part in the first contact event since the pandemic and the club came out on top with seven gold, five silver and a bronze.

Olivia Pickthall Womens -60kg Champion

Blake Collins Mens -80kg Champion

Steven Papworth Mens -85kg Vets Champion

Nick Buckfield Mens -85kg Vets 2nd place

Mia Hawkins Womens Novice -60kg Champion

Ashley Black U18 -68kg Champion

Elvin Vaskys U16 -70kg 2nd place

Sophie Edwards U14 -50kg 2nd place

Isaac Warnfeldt Rush U14 -50kg 2nd place

Scarlett Higareda U12 -60kg 2nd place

Will Power Pee Wee Low Grade Champion

Henry Higareda Pee Wee Low Grade 3rd place

Mason Hennessey Pee Wee High Grade Champion

A Fantastic achievement to all

10 Golds at the British Championships

Crawley club had amazing results at the recent British Championships at Crystal Palace.

The club had 21 students take part and picked up 18 trophies in the semi contact fighting and 1 for the kata. Results below.

Peewee Team Champions

+155cm Team Champions

6-8 years Individual Red Belt Champion Will Power

6-8 years Individual Blue Belt and above Champion Mason Hennesey

U16 Low Grade Short Boy Champion Andre Loison Brito

U16 Low Grade Tall Girl Champion Sophie Edwards

Adult Men Low Grade Champion James Clark

Adult Girl Low Grade Champion Mia Hawkins

Adult Veteran Low Grade Nick Buckfield

Adult Veteran High Grade Steven Papworth

-155cm Team 2nd Place

Peewee 9-10 years Blue Belt and above 2nd Place Scarlett Higareda

U16 Short Boy High Grade 2nd Place Elvin Vaskys

Adult Mens High Grade 2nd Place Callum Chapman

Veterans Low Grade 2nd Place Dave Martin

Veterans Mens Kata High Grade Steven Papworth

U16 Short Boy Low Grade 3rd Place Isaac Warnfeldt Rush

U16 Tall Boy High Grade 3rd Place Cody Chapman

Adult Mens Low Grade 3rd Place Nick Buckfield

World Gold and Bronze in Poland

Team GB

Great Britain had two prizewinners at the KWF World Championships 2021 in Poland.

Emma Markwell became World Champion defeating the former World Champion Aleksandra Karpuk in the final.

Blake Collins battled very hard to lose in the semi final against Iranian Mohammad Amin Assadi on judges decision.

Emma Markwell 1st Place
Blake Collins 3rd Place