10 Golds at the British Championships

Crawley club had amazing results at the recent British Championships at Crystal Palace.

The club had 21 students take part and picked up 18 trophies in the semi contact fighting and 1 for the kata. Results below.

Peewee Team Champions

+155cm Team Champions

6-8 years Individual Red Belt Champion Will Power

6-8 years Individual Blue Belt and above Champion Mason Hennesey

U16 Low Grade Short Boy Champion Andre Loison Brito

U16 Low Grade Tall Girl Champion Sophie Edwards

Adult Men Low Grade Champion James Clark

Adult Girl Low Grade Champion Mia Hawkins

Adult Veteran Low Grade Nick Buckfield

Adult Veteran High Grade Steven Papworth

-155cm Team 2nd Place

Peewee 9-10 years Blue Belt and above 2nd Place Scarlett Higareda

U16 Short Boy High Grade 2nd Place Elvin Vaskys

Adult Mens High Grade 2nd Place Callum Chapman

Veterans Low Grade 2nd Place Dave Martin

Veterans Mens Kata High Grade Steven Papworth

U16 Short Boy Low Grade 3rd Place Isaac Warnfeldt Rush

U16 Tall Boy High Grade 3rd Place Cody Chapman

Adult Mens Low Grade 3rd Place Nick Buckfield

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