Senpai – Tom Silver

Senpai Tom joined the club in 1993 following in his father Senpai Steve Silver’s footsteps. He was part of the junior section before moving into the adults in 2002 at 16 yrs old.

He passed his Shodan in 1999 and Nidan 2014. He has represented his country at international level. His biggest achievement to date was competing in the 3rd World Tournament where he knocked out one of the pre tournament favourite Timofey Tsaganov with Jodan Mawashi Geri.

Tournament Results

2002 Sarnen Cup Cadet Knockdown Switzerland – 1st Place
2002 Regional Knockdown Novice H/W – 3rd Place
2002 British Open Novice Knockdown Championships H/W- 1st Place (fastest KO)
2003 Regional Knockdown Novice H/W- 3rd Place
2003 England vs. Wales Knockdown – 1st Place
2003 Spanish Open Knockdown Championships H/W- 3rd Place
2003 British Team Clicker Champships- 3rd Place
2004 British Open Knockdown Championships H/W- Quarter Finals
2004 British Team Clicker Championships- 2nd Place
2005 French Open Knockdown Championships H/W- 3rd Place
2005 Regional Knockdown H/W – 3rd Place
2005 3rd IFK World Tournament – London – Last 8
2006 England vs. Wales Knockdown – Runners Up
2006 IFK Australian Open Knockdown Chamionships – 2nd Place
2008 British Knockdown Championships H/W – 1st Place
2009 Dutch Shinkyokushin Open Knockdown – 2nd Place HW