Crawley Borough Council Honour Hanshi Steve Arneil

‘Crawley’s Sporting Excellence’ were recognised by the CBC and the Deputy Mayor on the wall at K2 Sportscentre.

Hanshi Arneil was honoured for his coaching contribution over four decades as chief Instructor at the Crawley Kyokushinkai Club in Tilgate.

A list of all the people honoured below

  • Steve Arneil – Karate
  • Nick Buckfield – Pole Vault
  • Daley Thompson CBE – Decathlon
  • Sally Gunnell OBE – Hurdles
  • Mick Leigh – Judo
  • Gareth Southgate OBE – Football
  • Sharron Davies MBE – Swimming
  • Alan Minter – Boxing
  • Mick Jones – Hammer Throw
  • Katie-George Dunlevy – Cycling
  • Paulo Da Silva – Thai Boxing
  • Jade Lally – Discuss
  • Zara Williams – Swimming

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