CKK Juniors selected for 20th Pilatus International Cup

We are delighted to announce that Crawley students have been selected as part of the England team for this year’s Pilatus Cup in Switzerland on the 23rd March , except where noted all will be fighting in Kyokushin Contact Rule. Full team below:

James Baker (Saffron Walden)
Ashley Black (Crawley)
Maesi Blackford (Westhill)
Erin Cashman (Saffron Walden) (KATA)
Fynn Clements (Saffron Walden) (KATA)
Mia Hawkins (Crawley)
Charlotte Raisen (Loughborough)
Luke Sabey (Saffron Walden)
Robert Salvi (Crawley)
Evanya Tailor (Loughborough)

Thank you to all the dojo instructors for preparing your students, and again to the parents for your committments. OSU!

Sensei Wai Cheung England U18 Coach

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