English Open – One Week to Go!

The dojo has fourteen competitors for the English Open on May 13th at Dunmow Sportscentre in what should be a good standard event with fighters from the BKK, WKO, IKK, IKKU, Seido, SJJ, IFK Ireland and Chikara International taking part.

Good luck to all
Blake Collins Open Adult Men
Olivia Pickthall Novice Women
Roy Salvi Vets Men
Robert Young Vets Men
Dave Martin Vets Men
Bart Procter Cadet Boys
Robert Salvi Cadet Boys
Beth Salvi Cadet Girls
Charlie Denton U16 Boys
Mia Hawkins U16 Girls
Ashley Black U14 Boys
Mikolaj Zabawa U14 Boys
Elvin Vaskeys U14 Boys
Reece Reeve U12 Boys

Also featured in the photo who have prepared with the CKK Team
Jess Charsley Verwood Novice Women
Louis Sorge Folkstone U14 Boys


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